What do you think of the number 1?

What do you feel is good about it? Do you think we should call it something else?
I am just following the rules; discuss whatever you wish in this forum. I bet this will be exciting. See if you can pick out a pattern in my posts.

I kinda like the number one. Even though it is the loneliest number, I see it as solid, simple to construct and a wonderful addition to the numeric system.

The only pattern that I can get from your recent posts,is that you really need to pick up some work!:smiley:

Well, it’s a start…

As normal nothing to say

When I think about the football fans who chant, “We’re number one…”

I think, "That’s the lowest number there is (not counting fractions and decimals).

Great some miscellaneous conversation.

Well Wayne, maybe if you looked at the number one as more than just a simple vertical line, your imagination would be full with all of what the number one can be. You would then have more to say.

But no…you have to let your ideology stand in the way and keep the facts about this number from surfacing.:smiley:

See, even a thread like this can go horribly wrong.:mrgreen:

Maybe we need to wait for
Ten Fun Ways to Kill Time when You’re Unemployed



Got a logo for that ??? :twisted:

ec.pdf (8.23 KB):mrgreen:

I suppose the next topic of discussion, “What do you think of the number 2”

Computers work on either 0s or 1s. I like zero better than one (always have, but can’t explain why), but since that wasn’t a choice on this thread, I’ll support a “like” for the number 1.

Here ya go.


Awesome… now for brochures, etc… :mrgreen:

There’s more intelligent conversation going on here than in that entire ESOP thread above.:mrgreen: But wait, Captain Energy Star hasn’t posted here yet. :roll:

Sorry, I haven’t got back there yet. Got bored with it a couple days ago. :roll:



Gotcha . So you are saying what . The number one is the best number , I like 0 . Because it is before 1. Just thinkling out of the box for a second .:wink: