What do you think of the number 9?

:cool::(:(What do you feel is good about it? Do you think we should call it something else?
I am just following the rules; discuss whatever you wish in this forum.:twisted::twisted::twisted:

how about-- take a break

Revolution 9

To quote another member here…

nine… nine… nine… !!!

Love potion #9

What did I learn about #9 you may ask. I learned it’s the final number that brought you onto my ignore list.

As Foghorn Leghorn once said “Boy’s as sharp as a bowling ball”

My demands are clear. :mad:

Give them a Forum or I shall bore us all to Death.:twisted:

I found out that ignoring them will do nothing to get rid of the thread.

Someone suggested I do thaT and me being a man of reason tried. If I could click a button to keep the misc forum from getting all the design stuff I would be glad to do it.

That’s it. You’re done.

Engine, engine #…

Before I click the button, let me explain. It’s not your stupid threads I want to ignore. It’s just you period, I find most of your threads/posts/responses to be that of someone that just wants attention. For me personally I find it extremely “childish”, the way you attacked this situation could have been dealt with a little professionalism.

But that’s just me. Enjoy playing…

LOL - you know what’s bad, I don’t even have Larson on IGNORE…

So there is a chance then, heh?:cool:

The best part about it is now those who really dislike me will not be able to see anything that they are likely to B I T C H about. Hopefully a lot of pain in my as-es will cease to know I exist.

No, because people love to quote, (see above), so we get to see the crap anyway!!!

(Yes, I know this is an old thread. Damned virtually useless search feature).
Oh, that’s right. It’s not the search feature, it’s the crap titles to threads that people use.

Bored are ya???

Go to work :slight_smile:

9 is a dead number, because 7 ate 9

This post has nine lives.

Shouldn’t that be 6 ate 9 ?

Why would 6 ate 9? 6 was already full, look at his belly. Seven on the other hand was hungry, so 7 ate 9.