What do you think of the number 7?

What do you feel is good about it? Do you think we should call it something else?
I am just following the rules; discuss whatever you wish in this forum. I bet this will be exciting. See if you can pick out a pattern in my posts.

**Do you have a… **

**…aww, never mind! :roll::roll: **

nite nite Jeffrey

I think it was ****ing annoying after number 2.

Just great, now I have to “sift” through your meaningless threads in the Misc. section. I’m starting to think you need your own section.

Sorry Brian but maybe this will help get the point across. Some things should have their own additional forums.

I learned at a very young age that numbers 6 and 8 were never on very good terms. They fought like cats a dogs–seemingly forever.

So the number 7 was invented and placed directly between them to quell their feelings.

Occasionally they will call a truce when needed in sequence, as in 68, 86, 868, 686, etc.

But still, to this day, an animosity exists between them.