What do you think they mean?

Nail or Screw? :roll:


I perfer a long slow screw myself. :smiley:

I think screws are okay as long as they are driven in with a hammer, like a nail.

The use of any type screws have not been tested and are not approved for proper shear strength.

I’d advise using the 16-16d nails or 16- ¼” x 3" lags screws as prescribed by the majority of the manufactures

When in doubt follow the instructions

9 times out of 10 I find that hole empty. I usually recommend a long stainless steel screw but if the mfg instructions states a nail, I would go with their recommendation.

What are we looking at? I’ve never seen a label like that. It might as well say “Pound a nail in a knot”.

Pull-down attic stairs, that’s the hinge jamb hardware with a drywall screw where a nail or lag is supposed to be

most I’ve seen come with the fasteners included… with all the instructions as well… generally 16d nail… I believe

I’ve seen both…I’m more looking at what type of fastener and how many.
Most of the material used it yellow pine which splits very easy…I’ve seen the upper
end builder pre-drill and install 3 1/2 screws every 6 - 12 inches.
At some point in time its a judgment call. 4x12 sheets of drywall weighs more…and if you were to look at how many drywall installers actually get it right…

Yup, you got it!

I use duct tape and wheat paste.