Please follow the instructions!

After doing 3-8 QA inspections a month for the same builder you’d think he’d have them trained by now.
Notice how many slip gouges in the head rail from the stripped bit of the screw gun.
16’s are so much easier.
At least the screws were almost plumb and level.

The “New Rule” boilerpoint report statement is:

“Photo is self explanatory, follow label instructions!”

Barry; You must know by now that people do not read signs and/or directions, unless it does not go together properly. !!!

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

It’s a spirally-threaded, phillips-head nail!

I have had the chance to point out this problem to 4 different code inspectors around here, all in new construction. They all told me that it wasn’t a code issue.

I, politely, informed them that manufacturer’s instructions always supercede local code. I explained that if there is a record of the code inspector approving it, they are opening themselves, and their department, to liability if someone gets hurt.

All of them thanked me.

But are they 16’s?
Please provide data sheets.


I think Kanton was joking!!!


P.s. I hope you thought the same!!

Kenton; Looks like your spirally friends with the philips head kind of cammed out while being installed and nicked the wood three times. Should have used a spirally threaded torx head. ha. ha.


What you see are typical drywall screws. They are NOT the equivalent to 16d nails. Most manufacturers require 16d nails or like 3/8" lag screw which your picture is NOT.

KHS was yankin’ my (our) chain and as a good sportsman I was yankin’ back
not big on smileys so you may have to read between the lines
But thanks to all for keeping me informed, lest I forget, I don’t know everything

Once had an Asian gentleman, at a training seminar, tell me they are “plus screws” the other ones are “minus” I won’t try to immitate the accent but it rhymed with brush


I knew that! I was just checking.