What exactly is included in a 4 point inspection

Hi, we are interested in doing 4 point inspections. Our question is what is included because a lot of systems are interconnected. For example, is the chimney included because it protrudes through the roof and is part of the venting for the HVAC system? Is the attic part of the roof inspection? Is the fuel system inspected because it is relevant to the HVAC system? What if blatant safety hazards are observed beyond the 4 point? We are curious in what others are including in their reports. We appreciate any advise.

A 4 point is basically a “condition” report for the insurance. Their main agenda with the 4 point is to know of any imminent safety hazards or insurance claims that they may have to pay out on. So dont fill the report with minor defects.
So, roof leak, electrical hazards that could turn into a personal injury lawsuit or burn the house down, and anything else that may cost them money from a property claim. Otherwise, I dont tell them more than they need to know, or more than they are specifically asking on the 4 point.
Things they ALWAYS want to know about is galvanized or PB water lines, and federal pacific, zinsco, or sylvania panels. These will almost always require replacement

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Hi. Thanks. Is that mainly performed in Florida to your knowledge?

Yes, it is, to my knowledge.

Is anyone doing these as a limited inspection as an alternative (more economical) inspection as opposed to a standard inspection? Or put another way, focusing on the major systems on the home?

Don’t even go there, these are insurance “surveys” / reports, and are not a substitute for a proper general home inspection.

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I know at least one inspector that does a 4 point for clients. I think he likes them and they fill the gap in todays market when people are waiving inspection contingencies. But, I do not think the general public understands them. And as @ddagostino stated, they serve a different purpose.

If you want to abbreviate a home inspection, you can use a checklist inspection and still stay within the SOP and have your butt covered. Otherwise, you are just making it up as you go.