Should roof inspection include soffits?

I recently had a 4 point inspection done on a Florida house which I later found out had extensive soffit damage including exposed beams. The Roof section of the report made no mention of this and now the insurance company is about to cancel the policy (pending repair). Should the inspection report have included this information?

4 points are a Florida thing but…

The roof is on the top.

The soffits are on the bottom and would be included, IMO, with siding and trim.

I agree with Larry.

I agree with Larry also.

Without knowing what type of inspector was hired, I would add that this may be one difference between a Professional Home Inspector, and one of those cheapie quickie inspection companies that Florida is plagued with. I would like to think that a Professional Home Inspector would at least have noticed if there was a problem, and made mention, seeing as the soffits are part of the roof “system”.

Okay - thanks for all the replies. It sounds like this should have been mentioned SOMEWHERE in the report at least, even if not in the roof section.

No the report should not have included this info.

A four point is not a home inspection. The four point report doesn’t ask about or include an evaluation of the soffits.
I have never heard of a company canceling a policy because of soffits, but if they are then fix them. The inspector has no liability to fix anything that the insurance company requests upgraded.

The other inspectors here should have known better than to give an opinion when they don’t know the facts. What they believe is not relevant since they don’t know what a four point is or work in Florida.

I agree with Greg. Without living, working, and understanding the reason and format for a 4 pt. inspection, inspectors from out of state commenting on proper procedure for conducting a 4 pt. inspection in Florida is inappropriate and can provide inaccurate information.

Are siding and trim included in a 4 point?

I didn’t think so…

Having done many 4 point inspections here in FL. I have found there is often a complete disconnect when comes to what the customer understands as to its purpose and how it pertains to the home. The same problem exists with the Wind Mitigation inspections.

Many if not most homeowners and many Realtors misunderstand that simply having the inspection does not automatically qualify them for insurance. Most homes that require a four point are not ready for a “clean” inspection. One or more of the four major components or systems are not up to standards and has not been updated since the home was built. Many have been cobbled together over the decades that the home has existed by various tenants and or owners. They think that by simply having the inspection, the insurance company will issue them insurance without them having to do anything to upgrade the home. Same for Wind Mitigation inspections. I receive many calls from Realtors who want to know if they (the client) can get the Wind Mit inspection at the same time as the Home Inspection. I feel comfortable saying that 95 out of 100 are basically wasting their money getting it done at that time because very few have any kind of window / opening hardening system. You can try to explain until blue in the face but all they know is “If I get a Wind Mitigation inspection I will get a reduction in my homeowners’ premiums” cause that is what the Realtor said. You may as well be talking to the damn dog sitting in the front yard licking himself because that is basically the same look you will get back.

I tell my clients that the four point has no benefit for them. In reality it can only hurt them. The four point only benefits the insurance company. I also tell them that every insurer has different requirements and that we have no written guidelines for what is acceptable and what isn’t. All I have to base my opinion on is observations from past experiences. I point out what may very well be a problem, but then stress that they shouldn’t do anything until they hear from their insurance company.

Four points are really becoming more hassle than they are worth for the small fee.

I have not been doing a lot of them lately. Someone around here is apparently just about giving them away. Ive actually turned down doing a couple of them lately as well because I refuse anymore to let someone else’s crisis become my problem.

Like in the days of old when FL had a vehicle inspection requirement, people would limp into the inspection station in some rusted out hulk POS car and be all offended when it failed and they had to actually go make some repairs before they could get a sticker issued. So many would simply not get it inspected and drive it anyway until they got a ticket, figuring it was cheaper to just keep paying the small fine for no inspection sticker as opposed to doing basic repairs and driving around on the streets in a safe vehicle.

I can see this isn’t a simple issue and I’m hearing that the inspector was not obligated to mention the soffits. As a consumer i’m still confused about the actual purpose of the 4-pt. (it’s probably just a bare minimum pre-screening for insurance that saves them money) so i’m gonna write if off as something peculiar to FL insurance. If I had to take a guess, i’d bet that the next time this inspector does a 4-pt. on a house with rotted soffits he’ll probably mention them to the owner but that’s just my guess. In any case, no harm wad done and i fixed them and hopefully UP&C will be happy this time around. Thanks again.

LOL, I have missed you Gregg. Hope all is well…

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