What happened to the daily...


The moral compass of NACHI… Have you read the threads that Ken has started? Even you have to admit that quite a “Lott” of them are stupid and controversial to say the least. If Ken wanted to win the daily door prize he should have attended the convention Nick was handing prizes out every 30 minutes!!!


Even Will was gracious enough to admit he was wrong. Maybe you could be.

No, I won’t judge anything about Ken’s posts. Your post wasn’t any better or worse than his was.

As to attending the convention? Not all of us are as fortunate as you to be well off enough to afford to go and have other commitments such as children and bills to pay. We can’t just leave and play. I would have loved to have gone.

Nothing about your post to Ken was uplifting or educational, yet you judge it to be better than his when his was just a query. Maybe you should simply be less judgemental and more helpful and kind?

I don’t think Ken was asking why there weren’t door prizes during the convention. Rather, there are actually weeks at a time where there aren’t door prizes, and then Nick will post a whole slew of them and then post them for 20 days in advance, such as above in his post. That’s all. shrug

Again with the ‘judge’ word. In this context, a bettwe word would probably be ‘determine’. It is entirely right and proper to make a determination about a persons words when they post them for all to see.

I would also point out that some people have come to see the daily door prizes as some sort of entitlement. They are gifts, given out at Nick’s whim. Rather than waiting for a gift, and being disappointed when it does not appear, one should work hard and take care of themselves.

In any case, I would hope that thie clarifies what I already thought was a pretty clear concept.

That is your opinion of the situation Will. My opinion is different. I think it’s judging and playing and prizes, etc…etc…etc…

But that’s why it’s America right?

Thanks Nick, at least now I know it’s useless to try.