What I found lurking in my crawl space

HA! Kept hearing tiny “meows” all day Sunday,… AND all NIGHT! I’m thinking GREAT we got a kitten under the house,… checked it out today and pulled this monster out. A little baby ferret. (no more then a week old) No nest, just left there,… or forgotten,… it was shivering and cold. Warmed it up and feeding it some kitten formula,… anyone want a ferret?? :mrgreen:

ferret 004.jpg

ferret 006.jpg

ferret 002.jpg

ferret 003.jpg

ferrets are cool pets.

Peter, you really need to call The Washington Department of Natural Resources right away and let them know you found it. I am not sure, but ferrets might be protected in your state like in California. Cute critter though.

Are you serious? Are there “wild” ferrets in WA?

No such thing as wild ferrets. They have been domesticated since biblical times.

There are Black footed ferrets, mostly in the southwest, but are a different genus and species.

We have owned ferrets for many years. Get "Dummy’s guide to Ferrets’.

Also, find a vet who knows ferrets.

They need a much more high protein diet that cats, with ‘Linotone’ suppliment.

Also, water. 4 hours without water, they die.

The female (once mature) if she goes though a ‘heat’ without being bred, she dies.

Find a vet that knows ferrets!

Hope this helps;

Kin to a weasel?

That’s a big “DUH”! :wink:

thanks for the call yesterday. All the info helps ALOT!

How is the little weasel? I have three and they are fun (but lock up all your little stuff, they are also thiefs).

We are going to the small exotic specialist Vet. Monday,… had one vet. think its a ferret,… and one that says they think it is either a mink or weasel. Other then that he is doing good. getting more fur and alittle bigger,… still no eyes open yet. Will keep you posted. :smiley: