What insulation it is?

Hi, I found this kind of insulation material in the attic of an old country house. It like wood chips but it was weighed like sand. Is it crushed perlite or something else? I forgot bringing sample to burn. Thank you first !!!

It looks like vermiculite insulation (which may contain asbestos) and loose fiberglass.

It is hard to tell from the picture.


Sure looks like vermiculite

Thanks Larry. It was not looked like the regular vermiculite I saw before. You felt it like rice when you disturbed it.

Look here:

From link:

" Vermiculite insulation, which often was sold under the brand name of Zonolite, resembles pea-sized popcorn or puffed rice. It was poured into attics as an efficient way to insulate homes 40 to 60 years ago. Because it is so lightweight, it easily becomes airborne and the microscopic asbestos fibers spread quickly."

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Here is a good resource for looking up insulation… and many other homes related information.

How to identify building insulation: Insulating Material Identification Guide (inspectapedia.com)

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