Insulation type?

I need any input identifying insulation material in an older home. House had 3 layers with loose fill on bottom (material in question) with foil covered batts over that and then non-faced batts over those. Question is could this loose fill contain asbestos? I know it doesn’t appear to be vermiculite and is most likely just cellulose but I’m not 100% sure. It is very degraded and nearly dust in consistency and has small “nuggets” in it that I’m unfamiliar with sort of like the vermiculite in potting soil. It just doesn’t look like the 100’s of times I’ve seen typical blown cellulose. Any tips? Just cellulose right?

Recommending testing Have seen asbestos that looked like this in about 1950 .
We used to put asbestos Blankets on tanks and mix an asbestos with water that looked like this to put on top of Tanks .

Hard to see clearly, but resembles (expanded) Perlite.

Great, thanks for the input you guys. Stuff just didn’t look like cellulose and house was quite old with this as the bottom layer. We did grab a sample and there’s a EPA certified lab nearby conducting the test for the client for only $25. Can you believe that? Will post when I find out what it is if conclusive.

The attached photo appears to be loose fill fiberglass insulation and the house was built circa 1945. Does anyone disagree ort have any further advice?

Hey Brett… did you ever find out what the material is/was?

Sorry I guess I forgot to post the results but it was NOT asbestos containing. It probably was simply cellulose but it didn’t appear to be typical cellulose that I see all the time and that is why I called it out. Luckily for me my client was all about getting it tested and took a sample himself and delivered it to the lab the same day.

Looks like typical older fiberglass to me…