What is acceptable material to strap a hotwater tank

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I am wondering if plumbers tape is an acceptable material to use for strapping a hot water tank. I have yet come across it, but was asked if it could be used in order to avoid going out in town at the moment, for a kit to strap the tank to the wall.
Personally I don’t like the idea, because you cant get the straps tight. No adjustment in the straps. I also think that Plumbers tape is two skinny could damage the tank. Would you mention it in the report, or ask for it to be re done with a kit…

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You may want to read this article. I am assuming you are in a seismic zone like California.

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He’s in Washington State. Can’t go wrong with the California standards, but he really should avoid answering plumbing questions unless he is a licensed plumber!

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From the UPC see 507.2. No material is mentioned however they do make excellent plastic and metal seismic straps manufactured specifically for the task. Galvanized plumbers tape is strong and has been supporting heavy cast iron pipe for decades. I have used plumbers tape long before the fancy stuff came out.