What is "current code" ?

Hi, I’m looking at a 4-point inspection form and in the heating section it askes for “current code”. I’m unsure what that is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Florida Building Code

Is that for Citizens - if so, they usually ask that questions at the top of the front page.

Thanks , no it’s not Citizens. I actually found the form on this board. It’s for another insurance company that doesn’t have there own forms. I’m still unsure what it’s asking. Would I answer “FBC” ? The system was probably installed about 15 years ago. The plate is worn so impossible to know for sure.

Date of current code in the area that the home is built and the date the home was built

Other item of note is updates that were done if home was built before current code.

Next is knowledge of current code and your ability to spot none code issues

With HVAC look for support of duct work

With many insurance co’s HVAC is not the issue it is HEAT. In Florida most min housing standards require heat but not HAVAC

Yes if it is there it must be up to current code if the insurance co requires same