Wind Mitigation: Section 1, Building Code

Hey guys,
New inspector here and also new to the site. I’ve got a question pertaining to the building code question on the wind mitigation form.

Building Code: Was the structure built in compliance with the Florida Building Code (FBC 2001 or later) OR for homes located in the HVHZ (Miami-Dade or Broward counties), South Florida Building Code (SFBC-94)?

Since we are not code inspectors, how do we answer section one truthfully/legally?

Any clarifications would be great, especially with older properties.

Just use the permit application date for the original build. If it falls within the outlined date on the 1802, then that’s your selection. You DO NOT have sign off for code compliance.

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Isnt tht subject to change as it pertains to extreme weather conditions?
Please let me know.


The question on the form is asking if the home was built according to the FBC (2001 or later) - OR - according to 1994 South Florida Building Code for home in Miami Dade County or Broward County. The FBC took effect on March 1, 2002. So outside of the HVHZ (ie Miami Dade County & Broward County) the home/condo would need to have a permit application date of 3/01/02 or more recent in order for you to mark Building Code as “A”. If the structure is located in Miami / Dade / Broward, you can mark “B” if it was permitted using the 1994 SFBC (I don’t know that date). You can also mark “A” for homes built in the Miami/Dade/Broward if the permit date applies as described above (3/01/02 or more recent). You can NEVER mark “B” for home outside of the Miami Dade and Broward Counties. Hope this helps. Fell free to call me if you need additional clarification on the Wind Mit Form as it can be difficult to interpret when you are new

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Yes, when you sign your name to a legal affidavit stating that approved mitigation techniques are in place and properly installed on a structure, you own it if they are not installed properly.

The form will be interpreted as a building code “verification” affidavit, you are there to determine compliance with the approved methods of construction. As the form asks, was the structure built in COMPLIANCE with?

It’s that simple.

There is precedence for this but it’s a sealed case. I’m one of the only a small group of individuals who have reviewed the original documents of the case. I have also witnessed the process, it’s rock solid. If anyone tells you different, ANYONE, ask them this one question:

Were you involved in writing the laws that apply to the form or the laws that apply to the licensees who are listed as qualified to complete the form under FSS 627.711?

The laws mean what they say and say what they mean, nothing less.