Florida Building Code Form 1802

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I’m filling out my first Wind Mitigation form 1802. I’m confused about the first question regarding Building Code. Is this about when the house was built only or about the roof as well? I have a property built in 1981. They reroofed it in 2023. Should I mark A or C? I’ll probably have more questions and will use this thread. Thank you.

It’s based on the year the property was built.

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Also how do I find FBC product approval number if the manufacturer isn’t listed on the Florida Building Code search?
I only have the permit number and date.

Good luck. Sometimes it’s listed on the permit, but it’s rare. I’ve had clients that have the original paperwork with codes on it, again rare. Usually that is left blank in my experience.

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How about the Opening Protection Level Chart? Can I mark all NA and all X? Or just pick NA or x?

And with Opening Protection. Do I just put X if there is none or do I need to fill in A.3 thru N.3 as well?

Here’s how I go about it:
The chart is a guideline to help you determine the lowest coverage. Fill in the chart - it’s a good visual!
The first part of the chart determines the letter - the second determines the number.


This would be A1.


I seriously think you need to take an in-person Wind Mitigation Course, there’s one coming up in December from FABI.


Thank you all. I’ll take those into consideration. Was I supposed to include non-wind mitigation pictures in the report? Like windows and doors that have no wind mit features? I included both the ones that did and ones that didn’t.

No need…
If there is no protection, then my report typically has 5 or 6 photos.
One of the front of the home, and the required attic pictures.

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Okay. Ty. So I did them a disservice by including those that were not supported to be there. Can we redo inspections?

Or update the inspection?
I’m going to join in person event so I can ask all these questions. But I just want to know now in case I can’t.

It’s best to give then exactly what they need, and nothing extraneous.
Photos of random items aren’t necessary, unless you want to document why a rating or checkbox was/wasn’t selected on the form.

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