What is it?

Any idea what this brown thing is? This is the second one I’ve seen this year. Both were installed on older homes (1960 era).

Looks like a lightning arrestor.

Interesting. Never seen one like that before.

Thanks for that, Jim. I’ll start searching spark arrestor’s and see if I can find a similar picture.

Never seen them either, until this summer. Saw one about a month ago, then this one yesterday. Had no idea what they are for.

Whole house surge protector perhaps

Odd… Looks like a capacitor. Most likely for lightning as stated.

The thing looked like it was made of Baekelite/Bakelite material, the same material as they made distributor caps out of. It looked very brittle.

Chris if you find it post it. I searched high and low for quite a while and found nothing that came close to looking like that.



I’ve looked at hundreds of pictures…nothing yet, but I think Bob Elliott is onto it. Closest to this thing so far.