What is the difference.........

between the two separate commercial courses now being offered…One taught by Farsetta (Ohio Area) and the other being taught by Beaumont (Chicagoland)? I am now very curious on which one I should attend when one of them is in my neck of the woods…


I too, am an experienced Commercial Inspector. The course I offer was on the heels of the ITA offering last year, which was 3-days in length, and quite a bit more expensive, not only in the actual course, but in meals and logging for the days spent. The ITA offering is also a quality course.

That notwithstanding, my course wont blow sunshine up your butt. It is a rapidly-paced course which concentrates on process and standards. It delves into self-assessment, qualifications, techniques, reportwriting, statements of work, and the like. Will it teach you everything you need to know when inspecting polyphase electric, or grounding and bonding in every commercial environment? Certainly not. One subject alone can take a week to teach, this includes principals of HVAC in commercial environments, or any opther specific technical area. Do we speak about how to inspect? Yes we do.

So, does my course prepare you to inspect in the commercial arena? You bet. Considering that everything EXCEPT 4-unit residential dwellingsa or less is residential, and the remainder is commercial… my course prepares you for reality, pitfalls, preparation, process, pricing, contract docs, performing the inspection, and most importantly, staying out of trouble.

Whether going it alone, or augmenting your offering with SMEs, we try and hit on it. I bring my experience to the table, and we also discuss that sometimes, the client doesnt really care what’s even wrong (or right). Some corps are looking at a financial model. Like I said, commercial inspections, as a phrase or description, is quite broad.

Hope that helped.

Patrick I know both gentleman and I would recommend Joe’s course any-day. He is an experienced inspector and an excellent trainer / speaker.

All of the inspectors {NACHI ASHI, NAHI} who took Joe’s course were pleased that they did so.

Here is what I wrote about Joe’s course.

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2 Day event is scheduled for Feb 2nd and 3rd.

Certified Commercial Inspector and Certified Well Sampler

Click on the link below fr details and to pre-register


[size=5]New Hampshire Seminar[/size]

**[size=3]Hi to all! **
**I’m pleased to announce that once again Joe Farsetta came through for New Hampshire. **

On December 08, 2007 Joe traveled to New Hampshire to give an excellent presentation entitled “Certified Commercial Inspector”!

**This presentation was focused on dissecting and more importantly understanding ASTM 2018 -1. **

**Joe was able to take each section of this nationally recognized standard and dissect it while explaining the true meaning of what you were reading. **

Many of us “thought” that we knew/understood this nationally recognized standard but after Joe finished explaining it we realized that it is extremely easy to misunderstand sections and to go astray.

We live in a litigious society and if you do not fully understand the national standards/guidelines that you must adhere to you will leave the door wide open for a lawsuit and soon find yourself at the mercy of anyone who wants to make a “quick buck” off if you!

I strongly recommend this course to those “experienced” Commercial Inspectors who all are already in the business and for those residential inspectors who want to further their education.

**Earlier this year Joe has also presented his Certified Well Sampler Course to our chapter members and I can tell you that it was highly educational and we ALL learned something new. **

**There was a test at the end that had more than one of us sweating:shock: **

*]**Once again, kudos to Joe Farsetta for an excellent presentation and I highly recommend BOTH courses!:grin: **

I have attend Gerry’s residential seminar in Orlando and was pleased with his style and presentation.

I will plan on attending Joe’s seminar when my schedule permits.

Me I stick with the electrical area.

We are close to having a major national commercial lender require all their buildings to be inspected to www.nachi.org/comsop.htm I’ll have more on this soon.