Unknown device in every living space, does anyone know what is this?

The devices are on ceiling in every room. Sprinkler or something detector?

Probably a concealed sprinkler head. I usually see them in finished basements where the ceiling headroom is lower but you could certainly put them everywhere for finicky people who don’t like the look of protruding sprinkler heads.

They just pop off, pull one down and have a look.

Give us some context.
Age of building, area, type of building, number of units, etc…
If you were confused knowing all that, the Internet can’t be expected to do better than you.

Then, look up Aspirating smoke detectors (ASD’s), just for a shot at it.
Get your razor out to score the paint, if you’re going to cut it off. And if you see any painted over, call that out… once you figure out if it matters.

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The house was built in 2015, near NYC. Big colonia. Installed properly. The device is embedded and small. I am sure it is not smoke detector.

That is what I guess. But it had two led signal light. It was not usual for a fire sprinkler head.

Would of never known that from your original post. Not a sprinkler head then.

That would help.

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Exactly. Thanks.


That’s what I was thinking, too.

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