What is this?

I ran into about 6 of these vents in an attic of a two story home this afternoon. They seem to be located within the partition walls below. If anyone knows what they are please let me know. Thanks in advance for the info.

DSC00200 (2).JPG

Was there a metal oval pipe in the attic as well? Looks like a rough out for a vent pipe. But 6 rough ins???

Since there is loose-fill insulation around it, is it possible that it’s a hole to blow loose-fill insulation into the walls?

It is possible, but the home was built in 1994, and the walls below are interior walls. I suppose they may have wanted some sound insulation but why not just install batts? I am stumped for sure.

What ever they are, to me they are a potential fire “helper” . Picture balloon framing… No fire stop and your house goes up really fast… A envelope of fire within the walls and up to the attic .:frowning:

I’m going to take a shot at this one, I believe it is combustion air vents…probably running through wall cavities according to code check:,
Attic Space Source:
*Attic freely communicating with outdoors considered equivalent to outdoors (ventillated attic)
*Minimum 1 sq inch per 4000 btu’s(which would explain the number of them)
*Opening Galv metal sleeve to 6 inches above joists(were they that high)
*Screens prohibited in duct to attic

Not sure if im right on this but it makes sense to me and the only thing i can figure it could be …hope this helps

I think that’s correct.

Since it’s a 2 story house I am going with “ventilation” as I have no clue!:neutral:

I guess I would just try to phrase it correctly, instead of saying just ventilation,I would try to trace it by looking at the furnace and see if the combustion air line comes out of an interior wall and would then be comfortable saying that it is “combustion air vents”…I guess if they are run correct you don’t have to say anything about it in the report, hard to tell by the pic if they terminated 6 inches above the joists though it didnt look like it

patricks response gets me thinking, assuming that these are the combustion air and it is ok, what about the fire stop thing,HHHMMMMM!!

Thanks for the ideas guys, the vents were not 6 inches above the joists. It is possible that they were for combustion air, but I did not see any openings in the basement utility room. The room was dark and access to the rear of the furnace was limited so maybe I just did not see them (Unlikely I would miss something lol). Thanks again for the help, this one was new to me.