what is this pump for?

The home is a slab-on-grade. This pump system was found in the utility room. I cannot seem to figure out what it is for. Any ideas?

Looks like a mini sewage lift.

Sanitary Pump see
for many different ones

What do the big plate and other labels state? Pictures can only tell you so much. If you really want help, supply all the information available to you. If you didn’t get clear photos of the labels and plate, remember that next time. I agree with Mike. Sewage pump.

Slab on grade? Something don’t make sense for an ejector pump.
What is coming into it and from where, and where is it going above grade?

Is the utility down below ground?

Need more information to tell you what it is. You are there to tell us what is going on.

If the main sewer inside the house is lower than the main in the street, or wherever, a lift pump will be needed to make **** run up hill.

Exception to the rule, (s**t does run uphill, huh!);):mrgreen: