Can someone tell me, is this a sewage pump?

I know this is vague but nothing was labeled.

You’ll need to provide more information than that.

I know, it was a long shot. I’m trying to get info from the seller

How was the circuit labeled in the electrical panel?


Jeeez Jeff…technical, technical, technical… :crazy_face: :wink:


Looks like a well casing head and electrical service for the pump.
Rural inspection?

Never seen a septic tank that close to a home.

Ask the vender or vender’s agent for disclosure. “Please disclose is the home water public or a private potable water supply?”
Should be in the listing as well.

Masonry clearance.

Sometimes the difficult problems have the simplest of solutions! :wink:


Water well head. Lift stations have a different setup.

Did you see a well water setup (pressure tank, etc…) inside the house?


I never got clarification from the seller. I do know that it has city water and the buyers were told it has a septic system. This was on a slab and I did not see any tank or typical well system.

Is this a house you inspected?

Yes, but I do not inspect wells or septic tanks.

I usually just identify if they are present.

Just shot in the dark, but there are septic irrigation systems that uses waste water to irrigate certain vegetation.

It looks like it could be a small pump inserted into the tank with the smaller PVC as the supply to the lines. As I said, just a guess,

Thanks guys. I’ll update you if I ever hear back from the seller or sellers agent.

Often they are buried in a concrete vault of sorts, in situations like that, around here…just food for thought.

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Inspecting well equipment is easy.

  1. Submersible Pump
  2. Check Valve
  3. Easy Tie Adapters
  4. Clamps
  5. Heat Shrink Splice Kits
  6. Torque Arrestor
  7. Safety Rope
  8. Pump cable
  9. Cable Guards
  10. Cable Ties
  11. Pitless Adapters
  12. Rope Hangers
  13. Well Caps
  14. Insert Adapters
  15. Flow Control Valves
  16. Tank Tees
  17. Pressure Switch
  18. Pressure Gauges
  19. Relief Valves
  20. Drain Valves
  21. Ball Valves
  22. Sediment Filter
    well head

Farther down on Robert’s link is a nice FREE download manual:

Understanding of all the Components in a Submersible Pump Installation

This guide is designed to take you through all the different components needed in a submersible pump installation, showing what each one does and how they work together.

You will know:

  • All the different components
  • Where each part belongs and their jobs

Helping you become an expert.


If this is for sewage the buyers will to need to watch their diets because those 3/4" lines aren’t gonna carry too much solid waste.

Okay, I just found out from the sellers it is for a sprinkler system. Sorry for the confusion but thanks for the input!