What is this tank?

This house is connected to a city sewer. This tank is in a walk out basement on the side of a hill. The two arrows you see on the white check valves show the flow of the water. There is a little giant pump in there according to the tag but I could not locate a float to hear it operate. I don’t what the tank is.

Looks like a lift station from here.

Yep or above ground ejector pump.

Need to see what feeds it.
Looks easy to trace.

Was it sealed tight?

Yes, it is sealed. The road is above the roof line of the house and that must be where the sewer line is. It seems like you would need a much bigger tank and pump to move all the sewage back up to the road.

The thing looks like a temp.
Size of a paint bucket.

Just how much do you think a person defecates when they poop? :shock:

Just how much do you think a person defecates when they poop? :shock:

I know it may smell like a whole barnyard, but really! :neutral:

I see more than on drain pipe.

I tried to trace the discharge line out but it just goes into the dirt on the other side of the wall. I’m just going to say that it appears to be a lift station but they should consult the seller to verify. Thanks for the help!

Looks like a duplex sewage system.
Duel pump sewage lift ejection.

I agree with everybody else looks like an ejector pump. but not being able to follow the pipes to see where they come from and go to makes it hard to determine its purpose.