What is this thing connected to the sump pit

Okay, noticed this strange PVC “Y” fitting with a loop of black plastic tubing. There were two sump pumps in this sealed crock. This home had a radon mitigation system. There was also a furnace condensate line draining into this crock.

Any ideas?

Not sure what they used it for, but I could see myself using it for a dehumidifier drain connection.

It was probably their way of sealing the Y off?

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:thinking:You sure it is not a macerator pit and pump out for a septic system?
No licking your fingers after you touch the pipes and hosing.
sewage ejector pump

Was there a septic system?

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I don’t see a radon pipe coming out of the sump basket, is it elsewhere?

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Maybe they had two black lines going out sometime in the past. Then decided to terminate the lines, turned it back on itself.

There was indeed a radon pipe connected elsewhere.

Was there a septic system? All types of setup for sewer ejector pumps.

whats the deal with the silicone, sealing the lid to the dirt.
just recommend a plumber to identify and move on.

The unfortunate thing about this thread is the inability to recognize sump from sewage ejector pits and for the OP to disclose what he was hired for.
The cable in the Wye is to pass current to two pumps in this sealed basin.
PS: Sump pits lids aren’t sealed.

P.S. time to brush up on your training.


Here is an excerpt from “Inspecting Sump Pump Covers”.

  1. The sump pump model should have a tight-fitting cover that seals the entire surface of the crock or vault. Sump covers should be made of durable plastic or other rigid material and designed for airtight sealing with a built-in gasket. The sump pump lid should have built-in air-sealing grommets around all penetrations for electrical wiring, water ejection pipes, or radon vent pipes.

  2. The cover should be mechanically fastened in place with screws or other means that will maintain tight contact between the lid, the gasket, and the rim of the crock.


If you are going to try to make someone else look bad, make sure you know what you are talking about.

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Look bad? You think the OP is doing his clients a service?
Sump basin. “tight-fitting cover” that seals the entire surface of the crock or vault.
Sealed: apply a nonporous coating to (a surface) to make it impervious.
So, Jeff. What is the basin and pumps for?

From InterNACHI. Not Home Depot.

Inspecting Sump Pump Covers

by Nick Gromicko, CMI®, Katie McBride and Kate Tarasenko

In 40 years I have never run across bolted down sealed sump basins.

It became very popular in “more modern areas” about 15 years ago. I’ve installed many sump pumps in sealed pits.

I am basically positive that this home did not have a septic system.

Martin, I feel the word ‘sealed/seal’ are being interchangeable and not being used correctly.

Some more images for context. I am aware of the myriad issues in this area. Outlet strip as permanent, likely leaking condensate pump, etc…

Me and the master inspector I work with just scratched our heads at the little loop of black pipe, but thought I’d ask around to see if anyone had a real answer.

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