What is this thing? Miscellaneous item along trim

Had some wires going to it but seemed to be disconnected. This is a home built in 1955 and there were a few of these hooked up around the home along the trim. I was born a few decades after this so I could use a little help in identifying it!

Old phone connection.


Phone connection block. I’m so old :frowning:

Once upon a time we had these things called landlines and connected devices called telephones so we could talk to each other over copper wire.

Odd I know. :wink:

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appears to be missing it’s cover…

Yes sir, got them still in my house.

Works in conjunction with one of these;



Yep, that is for sure. :smile:

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Remember when you figured out that you didn’t need to pay the phone co to change to these?

I never paid a phone company for my land line phone internally. Give me the interface box outside and I am all set after that. Now the phone through my internet is a different story. LOL

It is missing a cover.

I still have a couple of these old phones. Last year when I went to the cable TV office they had a display of theses on a table. I walked up to the display and was looking at them when the YOUNG lady at the desk informed me I should not touch the antiques. Yep, I’m old

HA, HA, HA unless it was a candlestick phone there’s nothing antique about it. Grew up with a land line in the dining room. If you called a girl the whole house could eavesdrop on your side of the conversation. When I wanted privacy I walked to the corner and used a pay phone, Don’t see those anymore either!

What is that ? An ATM machine?:grinning:

225 exchange was the first numbers of my childhood phone number
it was know as BA (Baldwin) before that!! Willowdale Ontario, Canada


Doug, ours was WI (Windsor) 66-777. :smile:

LOL . You are making me feel old!!! Telephone wires.

Wow, I didn’t realize iPhone charger connections used to be so different!

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LOL!..Bob. :joy:

Grap the tip and ring (green and red) while someone trying to ring you. Charging voltage is a little different too!

Ouch! 48 volts there.