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:slight_smile: real old phone jack :slight_smile:

You must be a young man.

Seen plenty of old phone jacks. Ours never looked like that but if you say so.

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Old phone jack that was standard prior to the introduction of modular jacks in the late 1970s

The one you show was introduce in 1965 after we were allowed to own our phones.

Mike, you did point me in the right direction so I could research further. Never see these anymore. I have seen them but it’s been along time ago and in a different housing. Thanks Mike.

Historically the telephone was typically owned by the telephone company and permanently wired to the telephone line they supplied, but as phone markets were deregulated a need arose for a simple plug-in interface that consumers could install. Many countries initially used different specifications for connectors. For example, after 1965 Bell System companies used the 505A plug, a round connector about 40mm in diameter with four prongs about 15mm apart. National connectors remain in service but few are used for new installations.

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