Circle devices on wall

I saw these in an inspection I did today. Does anyone know what they are? I ve never seen them before.

Old phone jack.

Shows my age I guess. Thanks!

I must be getting old.:wink:

Yes, it’s phone jack.

BTW-They do make 4 pin to modular adaptors.

Jeez, first a TV antenna, now a phone jack. What…are all new inspectors 12 years old or something??? :slight_smile:

26, but I guess thats close enough! Thanks for the help fellas

That’s funny Mike!!

I needed a laugh this morning. Guess that shows my age, too ! Golly what’s next ?

Maybe this:

That was funny Mike and I gather some are a lot younger then we are. :):D;)

I’m 35 and never seen nothing like that :slight_smile: hmmmm lol

:mrgreen:;)A lot more to come then if that is the case Billy.

carbonmonoxide sniffer for electronic smoke detector system!

What are you smokin’? :shock:

ET communication port. “Phone Home”

I installed many 4 prong jacks when I worked for the local phone company, (now Verizon). How many remember the princess phone with the ringer mounted on the wall or baseboard? Also required a transformer for the lighted dial. The ringers were fun to wire when the customer had a party line! I know, some have never heard of a party line. And then came the “Trimline” phones, progress!!

Matt, they are phone jacks. There are actually adapters that allow current style phone jacks to be plugged into these. I have one in my house with an adapter that has been used for 29 years. Its at the baseboard where not noticable so I never bothered to upgrade it.

Matt, with all due respect, how do you do function checks for 8-track systems that are built in at time of construction for 1974 homes?

Only kidding


That’s outside the SOP . . .

Oh, man. Now I feel old…
Have to admit I haven’t seen one in a while.