What is this?

I’m wondering if this metal vent is an appliance exhaust? if it is, shouldn’t it be exhausting outside the home? Found it in the ceiling of a basement in Wellington. Not sure what is directly above it on the first floor. Your thoughts?

1.Well did you run all the fans?
2. Did you check if it was a heating outlet?
If it was a exhaust it should go outside but no why of telling not enough information

Looks like a supply duct but your picture is not very good.

If you’re not sure what’s above it, then you should probably perform a home inspection on the house.

It’s hard for anyone to tell what anything is unless they do a proper home inspection.

If you did the home inspection, and charged somebody money, then you should go back and finish the job they paid you to do. They could have guessed themselves and saved the inspection fee.

Not trying to be mean, but it’s the truth

Cool air is coming from it, so I am thinking its a cold air return.
Potentially a rough in for upcoming finishing of basement. I could ask the builder, I know him.

Its a mock inspection. i am still learning. Ben thought it might be a good idea to post it and see what responses I get. Thanks for the help.

Thanks. I will bring my head lamp next time. Thanks.

Is it near the furnace?