Narrative needed

The next three pics are of a kitchen sink drain. The vent looks wrong, The drain pipe is 2" goes to the basement across the joists. 30’ run to it’s own 2" stack that the homeowner made. It discharges to a floor drain that was probably used for gutters back in the day. The vent pipe is 11/2" and exits the roof. The owner decided to bypass the main 3" stack which would have shortened the run by 15’.

Anyone have a good narrative for this?





How about:

Sink appears to drain to a basement floor drain. This arrangement may not comply with acceptable standards. Suggest further review by qualified plumbing contractor for repair or correction, as necessary.


Simple and straight to the point. Sometimes I feel I need to explain further. I’m trying to get away from that so I’m not at my desk longer than I need to be.

Thanks Doug.

Leaving out the rest someone had a similar floor drain situation and if there is no gap it is double trapped.

The pics confuse metal a little as I see a plastic flex (1/4 inch) in second picture at the right branch and not sure if the left is the drain which looks to be going up hill then further confused by the drain under the sink with an apparent vent in the cabinet .

My pleasure

I follow the KISS theory all the time.