What is this?

This is my panel at home. Yes, it is in bad shape and is going to be replaced in a week. My question is, what is the “Demand Controller” to the right of the box? The home had electric heat before the previous owners went to natural gas. Can I safely remove this when we redo the box, or does it have another purpose?

Thanks, todd





I would let the “Electrician” who will be doing the work on your panel make that choice for you…those demand controllers can run more than heating units many times…sometimes appliances and so on also are within this controller…so let them make that call…just ask them when you get the work done and I am sure they will let you know after they look inside it.

But the GUT says…if all the circuits are within the normal panel enclosure and jumping out to the controller…you could end up removing the controller…but let him look at it first and give his " ON SITE" opinion.