What is this?

Found this in the shutoff for a artesian well pump. Wrote it up because it keep the box cover from closing but have not been able to find out what it is for.

what was the wording on the unit? it could be some sort of relay or switch?

There was only some numbering on it, which I didn’t note, an electrician friend thought it might be some kind of filter?

Filter? i only see electrical goin to it. what could it be filtering?

I am going to see him tomorrow so I will try to get a better explanation and get back to you.

Could be a capacitor for the pump motor. Depends on the type of motor and function. Perhaps for a high torque motor that need a cap for a start / run.

An Artesian well pump… Perhaps the initial kick is needed to get this motor spinning.

Think he meant an electrical filter.

I am with Pat.

Motors generate a large inductive kick. Maybe it’s a capacitor to offset the drop in voltage when the motor fires up?

Could be a lightning surge supressor.
Regards Bill

Wouldn’t a lightning arrestor be on the line side though?

I have something similar on my older well system, but I have two canisters. The electrician told me mine is the ballaster to “kick” start the well pump. Mine also happens to be in a seperate box so both will close. This will be removed when a new pump is installed. Could be the same idea.


It is on the line side since the unit is in a fused disconnect and prior to the pressure switch.
Regards Bill