what is this?

A shopping center is being built here. Any ideas?

march 17 2008 012.jpg

Cut some holes in the top and wham you have a high end radon mitigation system.:roll:

Giant hampster habitat!

Bee hives from the X-FIles???

Homeland Security… :blush:


I guess the bottom line is we don’t actually seem to have a clue Bruce…

looks like either a cistern system for a fire sprinkler system, storm water storage or forced air underslab (least likely)

I just recieved a pm from Mark Shunk that said this is the beginnings of an underground on site storm water retention basin…unfortunately I could not open the link he sent but any one looking for further info could contact mark…I guess i was wrong with my martian theory…go figure…jim

Here is the link Marc sent me

So it’s a detention center for storm water…Nice to know.


Cool, a leach field on steriods!

Well I guess I wasnt right CRAP!

It’s a life raft in case it rains for forty days and forty nights again! :slight_smile:

New Homeland Security water boarding facility?