What is this?

Anyone familiar with this?

what is it.JPG

looks like a photocell that got painted

It’s a photocell.

Older photocell maybe? That slider going over the painted lens may indicate that.


Thanks! Do you think that is an odd place to mount it? It is on the north side of the house under the panel.

It could also be a ultra sonic device , if had not been painted over

coulda sworn I was the first person to answer. sorry for the repeat answer.


You probably were (kinda). NonMembers posts are delayed until approved by a moderator. When/if they are, they fall in place based on the time they were written. So, yours showed first, until the others were approved.

It’s something that has me laughing out loud.

“I wonder why the lights stay on all the time. Happened after we painted.”

ha ha ha

Data port for a tricorder?