What is this?

This was right against the home. It is tract housing about 5 years old. Possibly a main sewer line? I would really like to let the buyer know. Thanks, Rich

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lift station for sanitary sewer?..were there any controls visible?

No sir. No controls anywhere.

Might be a catch basin

Did you shake it, taste it smell it hold it upside down to see what comes out. Light a fire under it to see if it is really dangerous?
If you start getting sick or feel funny,it is then.
Go tell the home owner to get ride of it.
Sorry mate. I am in one of those mods today.
But seriously, there is a vent pipe that is coming out of the wall just above it. Looks like a condensation release vent pipe. For air conditioning of possible heater, ether way, It might be a bad place to put that ( what looks like a n exterminators trap. )

You took the wrong meds again Robert. You’ve gotta read the labels before you take those pills!!

…very serious waste line cleanout.

From my phone it looked like a trap for critters.The danger writing on top and what looked like a canister inside made me think of the days I followed behind my fried that owned a large extermination business . In the early 1970.s they left bate outside for rats and small vermen and told the home owners if they had pets to keep them inside. Not allowed anymore. They were not to be exposed to a heavy water flow, like from a down spout but rain would be OK.
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For the main sewer line Kenton. Never seen a danger sign on one of those before.
Is it a septic line clean-out ?

You know it could be a maintenance access for a check valve in the sanitary line…without controls my first wag of lift staion would not be right.

Send me a link for information Mr.McKee
I am out of the loop on septic systems. I need to get some insight.

Thanks Jim I have Never seen one…Roy


Great Roy good link. Thanks Mr.McKee I can never get enough.

So, the city building inspectors have no idea what it is, and said it isn’t noted on their final inspection from 5 years ago. The drain line above it appears to be the drain from the washing machine overflow pan, just inside. I’ll keep you all posted.

Rich Carter
Rich Carter LLC


The lids on these units have the same warning written in the same three languages, english, spanish and french…

might not be that exact model, but maybe something similar?

city sewer?

that white item sticking out of the ground in picture 3 in the bottom left corner…related to the lid?

Look at the clearance you need to keep a storage tank or any other tank configuration from a home. That vent cap is a foot away from the wall.
So if it was a lift, would it not be further away from the residence.
So I think the wag of a "clean out entry " for a back stopper makes sence to me.
I also find it funny to be located in the back becuse most sanatry lines run under the street.
No leaching field there , too small.
It must be a pump out.
What was the homes elevation as you drove to the inspection Mr.Carter ?
Was the basement or lowest point of the property in a low area.
The home to the right is elevated.
Is the land a old dump ground and there is a network of piping to catch the gasses.
Installing a leachate collection treatment system–a system that will remove the water within the landfill and remove the contaminants from the water
Installing a methane gas collection system which will collect the gas from within the landfills and flare it off into the atmosphere
Connecting private residents on National, Zink, and Kaufman Avenue to the city of Fairborn’s municipal water supply.

Just asking questions.

That actually does look like a clean-out access, but it’s located more like here a shut-off valve would be.

I’d recommend a plumbing contractor get out there and identify what’s behind that big green lid. Was it fastened so that a child couldn’t lift it and gain entry?


This is it Mr Vaagen, and everyone else. It even has the plastic 24" pipe underneath. Only thing is, the homes are on public sewer system. I live in the same neighborhood. So it must have something to do with the city sewer. You would think the building inspectors would know then. I’ll visit the sewer department tomorrow with a pic and see if they know. There are a lot of homes and townhouses on the hill above. I find it odd that they would put something like that right against someones home. Of course there were four builders and a private developer, so anything is possible, I guess. The main sewer is under the street, and the white pipe in the front yard is a cleanout for the home. Thank you everyone! I’ll let you know the final determination.

Rich Carter
Rich Carter LLC
Martinsburg, WV

Oh, and Mr. Young. The neighborhood was built on an old apple orchard. The landfill idea was a good one though.