Stumped on what this is

I’m sure there is a really simple answer to this but I’ve never seen this setup before. It’s right next to where the main drain exits the home at the front. It extends up and out of the ground then goes right back down. That vent looking pipe comes up separately, it’s not attached to the other above ground.

I am in central SC and there is no gas to this home.

Haven’t had any luck trying to search for an answer. Thanks in advance.

Septic? Lift station ventilation?
What’s that in the top right corner?
Need more detailed info/photo from further back.

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Can’t tell from that photo, but it does look to have been recently repaired. Maybe ask homeowner.

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Sorry - lift station seems accurate after looking that up. It’s on sewer and not a big hill up to the road but slightly slanted upwards. There was an electrical housing box on the wall right by it and what you see next to it is the sewer clean out.