vent stack sleeve?

This was in the crawl space. The part that protrudes the roof is the plastic. I’m assuming the plastic runs all the way through, but it’s inside walls and I cannot see where the metal ends.

I don’t see anything wrong with it being this way, was just wondering if anyone else finds a defect?

510 Beebe St-Blair 069.JPG

Removing that big chunk of cast would probably be a pain in the arse. I dont see anything wrong with it.

I see no issue. Thought that was typical WV ingenuity. :stuck_out_tongue: Double wall sewer vent.

As long as its a plumbing vent.

wrong…WV ingenuity they woulda used coffee cans duct taped together, not that fancy pipe… :|.)

what’s holding that cast iron in place?..generally when You remove the lower lengths the upper tend to slide down…that’s some heavy pipe…

Dude, this is WV, and it’s in a southern county coal mining town. In fact, this is one of many houses built by a coal company in the 50’s.

I have seen these held up by rope, metal straps, baling wire, and by rags/old shirts stuffed into the floor pass-through to “wedge” them in place.

Here’s how they stopped what may have been a small leak, and how they spliced wire to go to different areas of the house…

510 Beebe St-Blair 068.JPG

510 Beebe St-Blair 074.JPG


wanna know how they drain water in WV??

510 Beebe St-Blair 053.JPG

Looks like an OK trap to me

The only trap in the pic is an “S” trap in the water supply line!! :mrgreen:

I’m assuming this fine home is being sold in “As Is” condition. :mrgreen:

Funny you say that. I felt bad for the poor gal. Single, probably 25, and quite pretty. (she even had all her teeth).

As I was telling her about the issues, tears were streaming. Among everything else, All the windows had been duct taped or caulked shut, or didn’t work at all.

she said it was a USDA loan and they told her it had to have good windows per their appraiser for her to obtain the loan. She knows the sellers won’t pay, and she can’t pay for new windows.

That’s one obituary I wish I didn’t have to write…