What is this?

I was in a 1976 house and found this wall plate/receptacle. The buyer was in my back pocket the whole time I was there and distracted me and I forgot to go back and pull the plate to see how it was wired or what was connected to it.


Not sure how it’s wired, but a brief description here.


“4-plug socket, rated at 15A-125V. The socket is polarized. Right and left slots are respectively 8.44 and 7.24 mm wide.
Brand name: General Electric (wiring device department, Providence). Socket design probably dates back to mid 1950s.”


Good call Carl. :cool:
Definitely a GE product, saying that as a past
GESCO purchasing agent.

Thank you Carl.

You’re welcome. It’s a nice site for those old-timey outlets! :slight_smile: