What is your standard for attic accessibility?

In years past (young & dumb), I’ve moved slelves, removed clothes and put on a bed, carefully removed boxes to get into an attic. Buyer later walks and seller is pissed and won’t give up the buyers earnest money.

Reason … seller swears great grandma’s antique china doll (worth thousands of dollars) was in one of the boxes on the shelves and its now got a crack or broken finger not there before (although the wife admits she had not looked at the doll in over a year). OR they got fuzzy dust on some clothes in closet / they’re afraid of being allergic to it SO they want to have every article of clothing sent to a professional drycleaner ($1,000 or so). The BS list goes on and on. Then buyer and buyers agent are mad CAUSE you are keeping them from getting their $$$$$$ and they turn on you also … So to keep the crap to a minimum. I inspect / I’m not a mover. Both agents know what we do / IF they have not told the seller OR the seller has not done it … Its not my problem.

Our SoP says we don’t move crap to inspect; if we break it (OR it falls apart we buy it). So Dan don’t move it. Very simple


I don’t move anything, well maybe a chair but that’s it. Each client and agent learn that that at the beginning of the inspection.

Most attics in my neck of the woods l have 10-12" of insulation or more.
I don’t go in unless there are clear walk boards and sufficient headroom.
Otherwise its from the hatch only.

Gotta be safe and don’t want to cause damage.