What say you? Fungus or rot?

Would anyone classify this as “Organic growth” or some type of fungi or rot? I thought is was some type of organic growth, but another inspector said brown rot…but I have never heard of that. TIA image|690x388

How about termite tubes,
or, some other varmint?
Just a thought

Douglas I don’t think that’s what that is that is strange. Looks like varicose veins to me.
To reply to the OP just call it out.
It looks like some alien life form to me. Yep!

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Man! JJ.
You’ve exceeded my a d d d d deficit.
Can you say it more simpler terms?

:rofl: :upside_down_face: :joy: :laughing:

Roy, for you, it’s simply WDO :slight_smile:

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what did it taste like ?


I’m not quite sure on that. I think it’s an alien conspiracy.

Nothing more to say here!

Jim, did you read the “licker” news story I shared here? :grin: https://forum.nachi.org/t/covid-19-your-thoughts/162084/131

As a home inspector I would simply describe it as “a suspicious, fungus-like infestation” and refer the customer to a specialist for further info.

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Wood rot is caused by fungus. It’s not an either/or determination. You can determine wood rot with a probe or pick test. You shouldn’t need to submit a photo for others to visually confirm if there is wood rot present on that member.

If there is wood rot, report it. If there are conditions conducive to wood rot, report that.

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My question was for knowledge of specifics on the growth. Not what I would need to report. It wasn’t a photo from one of my inspection. It was from a group text from other inspectors. I am just trying to learn for future reference to try and expand my knowledge. Another inspector called it “brown rot” which I have never heard of, so I thought I would get other knowledgeable inspector’s insight.


It certainly has the characteristics to be some type of fungal growth.

Not brown rot.
Actually, your pic simply shows hyphae, which are like the roots of a plant searching for water to absorb.

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Looks like Brown Rot Fungus which eats the lignite, the glue that holds the wood cells together. Once infected the floor joist or any other piece of wood looses all its strength. I have seen floor joist that could be crushed with your hand like foam board. Those tree root like structures are tendrils. They branch out to find moisture to feed itself.

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It has a root structure. “Wood destroying fungus” is how I would describe it.

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