Brown Fungus Growth-Wood Rot

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Some type of fungal growth I think. When you smear it off it is spongy and damp. The last two pictures are 1. where I think this growth was in the past, and 2. Wood Rot.


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Just write what you observed.
Crawlspace. High humidity.
Suspect microbial growth. Various locations.

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Thanks, Robert, I wasn’t asking what to write. I wrote I observed a fungal or microbial growth and recommended a contractor.

I am curious and want to learn more about this.

Looks like a combination of brown rot and white rot. It’s bad news for the homeowner. Learn everything you can about this. In 27 years of doing inspections this is by far the most damaging types of rot you will likely see. This is very expensive to fix and will likely cause buyers to walk away.


Thanks Randy, I saw the chunky brown rot on multiple floor joists. Is the algae looking brown growth on the subfloor and joist the early stage of brown rot?

It looks like there have been several repairs (replaced parts of wood) done already.

Hopefully the seller’s disclosure reflects that if he has owned this home for a while.

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Thanks, Larry,

Yes, several joists have been repaired by sistering and some sub floor has been replaced. Unfortunately, 3 of the floor joists were sistered with 2x4’s. Seller disclosure said there were no moisture or water problems in the basement, did not disclose repairs. There is a permanent humidistat controlled ventilation system pulling air out of the basement.

Oh man!..tsk,…tsk…tsk!

Make sure you get it in the report and refer it out.