Wood Destroying Fungi


What type of wood destroying fungi is this? It has destroyed over a quarter of a 2300 sq ft home.

I’ve read a bit about WDF, but can not determine what time this is. I know all we have to do is say its WDF, but I like to be more educated on the subject.

Looks like brown/dry rot mycelium.


Yeah, it does.

Marc Goldenberg will know for sure.


Simon’s good!
The mycelium are root like strands of hyphae that spread.
This is stage 3 of 4. Why no damage? Old dried out leak perhaps.


Lots of damaged (1/3 of the floor structure). I could reach up and break 2x8 with my hand, really no force at all. Its been flooded 4 times I know in my life time.

These are just a few of the pics

Thank you for sharing your info, This is what i had it narrowed down too.

That is mycelium. Very nasty and does a lot of damage rather fast compared to brown rot.