what tablet ?

I am currently using HIP software for my reports and was wondering what tablet computer that’s best for doing my reports on site instead of the way I am doing them now which is writing everything on a blank report and bringing all that home and inputting my findings onto my desktop and then delivering the report either later on in the day or the following day .
I am looking for something to bring me into the 21st. centry …:slight_smile:
And also to print the report at the inspection site.
I am currently looking at a Asus Eee PC T91MT-PU17-BK 8.9-Inch Netbook Tablet on e-bay.

To get by cheap, use a Compaq TC4200. I have owned three so far. The mother boards burns out after a couple years but they are at a cheap price. You usally can find them on Ebay for about $200. The screen folds back for tablet use and is fairly light. You can add up to two gigs ram so it is fairly fast. Runs HIP great.

I use a HP TouchSmart TM2

Full functioning laptop also.

Some of my other inspectors use the SchoolMate

That Tablet is a good choice, Fred (I hope)----:smiley:

I ordered one from Circuit City a couple days ago…

Let me know how all the software you use loads up other than the report program.

They are just big phones without the phone till proven otherwise.

The T91MT is nice but it’s a touch screen meant to be used with your fingers and virtual keyboard, not your stylus. You can buy a capacitive stylus which mimics your fingers but the tips are pretty fat and the writing isn’t as easy as tablets meant to be written on. As much as I like the smaller size, the CTL2Go is still the best one for now. I’d REALLY like it if they could get a better stylus for these capacitive screens. Maybe they’re out there, I just haven’t seen them yet.

Only software would be HomeGauge, don’t need it for any other reason.

I have a few inspectors working at various on-going projects, I’m trying a variety of Tablets, if they don’t pan-out, I’ll add them to my pile—:smiley:

I just purchased the ACER W500. It will be interesting to see how it works.

Should be a GOOD machine Greg…good price as well… just looking at Amazon…

The ole C-100 Travelmate I’ve had for about seven years still works well, but slow, I was just thinking this morning about dragging it out of storage and deleting everything but HomeGauge to see how it would run.

Hey Dale,

Thanks for the info.

Hope you are doing well. Please let me know the next time that you are in Florida. Joe and I will take you out to dinner if you have the time.

Dom this is what you state on your web site “Designed for a Tablet PC like the ASUS T91, CTL2go or UMPC such as the Samsung Q1 to almost eliminate the need for your keyboard during an inspection” have you since changed your mind regarding a tablet and your software being used for field reports ? Just wondering.

Fred, definitely not. It’s still designed for tablets. All the tablets you listed work with a stylus, they’re not capacitive like the tablets that you mentioned. The new touch screens just don’t work “quite” as well with a stylus though some guys say the love them. Personally I prefer non capacitive screens.

so Dom what you are saying is that the ASUS T91 which I am bidding on on e-bay right now will work fine with your software “in the field” with pics and everything .
The only thing is I need to know how to use them …right?

Yup, it’ll work great. And you shouldn’t have a problem learning it, it runs Windows just like your other computers.

O.K. Man if I get it thru e-bay I might need to contact you for some help maybe . would that be o.k.?

Of course!

I have had my Acer w500 for a couple of days now. I must say that it is great. Well worth the money. Walmart has it on sell for $498. I take it with me around the house to gather all of the info I need and then dock it with the key board to finish the report. I use the fillable pdf forms for insurance inspections. What a difference it is to complete them on site.

Greg, are you using a stylus with it or the virtual keyboard when walking around?

Hi Dom,

Right now I am just using my finger. I do plan on stopping tomorrow to get a stylus.

I use an HP 500 Slate. Works great. Good batt life and runs all windows programs. Touch screen is perfect. Get a non glare screen protector and its good in the sun. In direct sunlight it has a little bit of a glare but you can still make out the screen easily. Cost $799.00 from HP or Amazon.