what computer ?

I am looking to upgrade to a tablet computer so I can do inspections on site , I do them now by going to the inspection with pen and paper and then going back to my desktop and completing them , delivering them later on or the following day.
I would like to get into the 21st centery .
Any ideas for a good tablet would be helpful
Oh: by the way I use HIP. SOFTWARE.

I just started using the HP MINI for check reports.
It is small enough to carry around and easier to use than a virtual key board.
I am not sure if it will last as long as my TOSHIBA SATELLITE.

Use 3D on a 7inch Droid tablet amazing!!

Fuijitsu Lifebook. Fantastic / Especially with HomeGauge.

For hip Dom usually recommends the ctl go slate.
Tablets are not great at most software yet.


Why didn’t you stop at the 3D booth?

Software on Droids and Windows 7 Phones run just fine.

But Why? Was going to do the same but battery life and on site comments just dont seem to be worth it. JMO. I like my trusty pen and legal pad, then doing the report later.


That means certain portions of the report you are doing twice.
You have more chance of error.
Your Pen and Paper does not make you look professional.
You can’t access anything in Pen and paper like thousands of pdfs or files for your client. You can’t help explain where something is wrong unless you draw it for you client and most important you can’t put pictures on a note pad.


So you are saying I can run Active words,PhotoScape,tabbles,Copernic,PhotoFiltre,EPIM,Gimp,Drawplus4,Microsoftoffice onenote,Excell macro’s,camera software,or any of my favorite windows programs because they are all able to be downloaded to a tablet now?

Can I take screen shots and run video edit software also? Does the built in camera have a good zoom?

All the slates run a full OS for years now.Can a phone tablet do that yet?
I have a Sprint EVO and certainly can not run any of the above.

How long does it take a tablet to upload 200-300 pictures?

If the answer is I do not need that many then I am conforming to the limitations rather than the other way around.

Hey Guys, from where I sit I don’t have time to do onsite reporting. My camera does most of the work and I do the report at home. I do carry around a checklist of my own as a reminder with a notepad.
I download my findings onto my laptop and review the pics with the client.

There is no way that I could inspect, fill out HIP software, report and present in the same day…never mind annotate and print onsite (if asked to) (I use Fetch report with zero complaints!)

Slow but effective…but so am I !! :cool:
Happy Turkey Day!!

I print on site. I use a Fijitsu 4215 tablet (it’s 5 yrs old) build the report on site as I conduct the inspection (unisng HIP)
I take photos as well and burn them on a cd
I print the report with a Cannon IP 100 hand the report and cd (in a binder) to the client as we leave the house.

Only thing i have to do in the evening is save the report and photos

hope this helps

I didn’t realize my doctor is not professional NOR is my engineer.

They use pen and paper, take notes, then later on dictate that onto a computer. they don’t take pictures … I wonder how they can explain and point out where the problem is to me UNLESS they can include 35 pages of addendums, pdf files, etc.

Some of youse computer geeks need to get real.

So do you also rely on there reports to help you fix your problems on your4 own? LOL

Do you have time to proof read your misspells ?:mrgreen:

Looks like you just proved why on site is a bad idea.


should be the possive their

Typos are a possibility but HIP has a built in spell checker.


Bob / Not sure what youse said but I’m sure it was on track

Spell checker would not catch: there in place of their. Both are spelled correctly. And sorry to say, that is the weakest part of the HIP program. Crappy spell checker. Dom really needs to update that feature.

3.0 added a few hundred thousand words to the spell checker :wink:

Sure hope they understand plurals…

Hmm, email me a few examples and I’ll check.