What that smell

As lynryd skynyrd would so whats that smell.

I was still recovering from a mold/rodent/sewer gas/stagnant water house from2 days ago when I come across another one. Luckily I didnt have to spend to much time in the basement. I need a respirator. I feel like I lost a few years off my life.

In the NE Ohio area we have had a lot of rain & peoples homes are taking a beating. People are trying to claim that they have only had water from this one time rain. People stretch the truth or out right lie.

How much rain is your part of the country receiving.

I need a RR margaritaville pick me up.


76006 Middleburg Hts 062 (Small).jpg

76006 Middleburg Hts 034 (Small).jpg

76206 Parma 036 (Small).jpg

It looks as though it could be from just one rain–

provided the rain had lasted for two years straight!!