What kind of mold?

Will burn the hair out of you nose when you walk in the door! And gets in the clothes that are in the house and lingers when the person wears them out of the house for hours!

Are you sure it’s mold and not just a house that is built on a mysterious portal to hell?


Blu Cheese?

Liederkranz! If you find it hold on to it. The last known culture died in a fire at a cheese factory some years ago and has yet to be duplicated. That stuff would take the paint off your car at 30 paces.


Oh…lord, that is funny…:smiley:

Swear on da bible!


My sister inlaw bought a house a couple years ago and it burns my nose and makes my eyes water!

Its not the sister inlaw just the house!

For the longest my wife said it was my nose now she can smell it! And so can other people I told her she needed to get an air quality test!

That’s very good advice. A first look general IAQ sampling should give them an idea of what they’re living with… maybe it’s like other household odors, after being around a small amount of it over a long period of time, they’ve become a tad ‘immune’ to the smell…:smiley:

Animal urine. Use a black light over the floors & walls. If they glow, guess what ? Doug

sometimes if you have 2 different types of molds “fighting” to occupy the same spot, they’ll actualy stress out, and release a toxic gas that will burn your eyes, nose, and if prolonged, could make you pass out from o2 deprivation. mold spores are living organizms that defend themselfs much like plant live in the ocean, with dust, fumes, and gasses as a biproduct. this can also cause “asthma” like symptoms, or cronic “colds”. once the mold is gone (and it’s cause) these symtoms usualy go away too. but i also read an artical where a woman would clean her house EVERYDAY. problem was, she’d use bleach to clean the bathroom, and amonia to clean the kicthen, and she’d use the same spong for both rooms. for those of you who don’t know, if you mix house hold bleach with amonia, you make Mustard Gas. Mustard gas was used as a chemical warfare back in WWII and 'Nam, it depletes the oxygen in you blood, and brain, and will kill you if prolonged. hope i helped.

I don’t think so.

If making mustard gas were as easy as adding ammonia and bleach together, I suspect the terrorists would be having a ball. It’s not a substance that one would want to play around with or even make accidentally. In fact, it is quite difficult to make, certainly outside the realm of the many household chemicals that we have.

Mustard gas is a sulfide, C(4)H(8 )Cl(2)S.
That “S” is critical. That’s sulfur.

Ammonia is NH(3)

Household bleach is or can contain several chemical compounds, of which the most common are NaClO (sodium chlorate), H(2)O(2) (hydrogen peroxide), NaBO(3) (sodium perborate), and Na(2)CO(3) (sodium percarbonate).

Note that if one adds ammonia and bleach together, one is still missing the sulfur, which, again, is a critical component of mustard gas. I don’t think one is going to get that sulfur from using a sponge to mix ammonia and bleach.

Note, however, that both ammonia and bleach are caustic and dangerous chemicals, so either one, or both together, can cause injury and health problems.

Mustard gas is very insoluble, which is why exposure has to be prevented rather than cured, so to speak. WWI doctors used bleaches as a method of detoxification. Detoxification is easier/better in today’s world (as long as exposure is treated immediately) using sulphur amines, magnesium monoperoxyphthalate, and peroxy acids. However, research indicates that exposure can also cause cancer later in life.

Thanks for the info guys!

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Old Meth Lab?..:shock:

And you know this because???


I thought they were all guessing!!!:mrgreen:

Just another wild guess…you take the cake with “Liederkranz!”…which would be my second guess completely eliminating the “Blu Cheese idea”.

There was a report on the news here last evening regarding all the Meth houses which were not being cleaned before resale or renting…people were coming down with the same symptoms Carl was referring to…burning eyes, nose, throat…and a couple more he did not mention…lack of self-confidence, marital issues, *schizophrenia, *and a couple other non-discreet disorders…:shock:

What are the other non-discreet [disodors!]