What the hell?

Wouldn’t wanna stick your wiener in this hole. :shock:

Looks like Harry Homeowner’s attempt at a generator hook up… The question is, was it live? Yikes. :shock:

What? It was recessed.

My first thought was for a generator to. This thing was in the living room. Homeowner said he did it to run a female to female cord above the fireplace for a tv. No it wasn’t live at the time on the inspection.

The 2 worst enemies of a home is Water…and the Homeowner.:roll:


Well of course it was in the living room. That way they have lights and the heat from the exhaust will keep them warm… :mrgreen:

Some places sell kits to hang TV’s on the wall, they include this inlet and a recessed “clock” outlet to plug the TV into, and a couple plastic old work boxes, for pretty big money, for what you get. It’s a hack way to hide the power wiring to a wall-mount TV.

I think it’s easier to buy the proper box and wire it in properly.

Some people want to make sure the expensive flat panel is plugged into surge suppressor, so they plug the “strip” into a normal (lower) receptacle, plug a shorty into the strip and the inlet, and then plug the TV into the clock outlet. Alot of plugging and fiddling… when suppressed, recessed outlets, with a low voltage side are available, about the same money, and you only cut one hole…