What thermal imaging SOP do you use?

I’m building a new thermal imaging report template. I want to include an SOP. I can’t find anything with ITC. What do you use?

Infraspection Institute, They wrote the standards

That’s pretty much the only one I could find.


Don’t you need a subscription or something to use their stuff?

Yup. Is that a problem?

You need to buy Jim Sefferin’s standards as well, as far as I know.
Actually, I was supposed to get a set of those through a NACHI Christmas gift…

You will likely find that the other standards were derived from the infraspection standards.

I have purchased and adopted the Infraspection SOP 's

If you are an InterNACHI member, you can use Infraspection’s SOP. We have an agreement with Infraspection for all members to have free use of their SOP. InterNACHI members have so many benefits that I can’t even keep track of them. How stupid does an inspector have to be to be a non-member?


Can anyone tell me where I can purchase an inexpensive starter Thermal Imaging FLIR Camera or are there any other brands that are just as good?

Also do you know if a resolution of (80x60) not that great and what would be a good resolution range?


For what? What do you intend to point this thing at? When? What do you want to be able to determine from the images? Will someone be paying you for your time and expertise while you carry this around? What standard of practice will you be following?

You need to take a course.You do not just purchase one and expect to know what you are looking at.
though it makes radiant heat in floors and ceilings look cool ]

My take is get at least a basic course from someone like John and spend at least a few big ones.

It takes time and experience. What else is new?

Some may come and some may go
We shall surely pass
When the one that left us here
Returns for us at last

Just work it.

If you don’t know ask.

I love that song.

How do you know he hasn’t had training?

Even you started somewhere. We don’t come out of the womb knowing everything.

Because he wouldn’t have asked that question in that way if he had taken the time to do even the most very basic of research. My questions back were absolutely essential for him to be able to answer if anyone was going to give any sort of an informed reply. His question was also entirely off track for the discussion of SOPs. The subject of the thread was was about SOPs not POS imagers or the title would have read “What’s the cheapest POS camera that I can find that has infrared in the name?”. He should start his own thread for that.

Besides: Where in my reply did I state that he had no training? I’m capable of expressing my own thoughts. You don’t need to put the words in my mouth.

Chris - Do you have a problem with perception of the real world?

Where is Chuck talking about “training”?
He is asking pertinent questions so he doesn’t go off half-cocked on a discussion of what applies.

The OP doesn’t even bother to answer those questions and YOU come here spinning the conversation against Chuck.

How about considering the whole thread before you (who has no dog in this fight) getting involved with anyone other than the OP, who doesn’t even have the courtesy to respond to the questions.

If someone asks where they can get a camera, what would be your answer? Would it be a question? Like what are you going to use it for? Or do we assume (like you do)?

Cheap, Thermal Camera, Building Inspection should never be used in the same sentience… If you had the expertise to qualify to be involved in this conversation, you would know.

I am going to “assume” (as you do) that you have an issue with anyone that knows more than you (and others) on the subject and feel the need to confront them by distorting “parts” of their past statements in a conversation you have no good reason to be involved in. As all like you do, you demonize these people because of your inferior lack of knowledge and facts of the subject and just want to make yourself feel better. Well I for one, am not here to comfort your self absorbed, narcissistic feelings. So just keep out of it if you don’t like it.

I love you guys. :slight_smile: Despite the occasional distraction, I’m always able to get great information here.