Thermal Imaging Report Template

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I wanted to create my own Thermal Imaging Inspection Report Template. I wasn’t able to find or a good template as a reference on. I was wondering does anyone know or able to provide me a template for reference on? I really appreciate all of you guys help.

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That question is hard to answer without knowing what software you use and how you want to use it.
Are you doing only a thermal inspection? Or are you wanting to use thermal imaging within your existing home inspection template.

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Actually I’m going to provide Thermal Imaging Inspection Service and I wanted to create a Thermal Imaging Inspection.

My Narrative Library has a thermal imaging section, but it’s only a little over 30 narratives long.

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I purchased the Narrative Library and transfer the thermal imaging section to my Thermal Imaging Inspection Template.

Michael, I’ll be curious to know by what amount you expand it.

Kenton, Each room I want to have documents onto the report also the finding as well.


You might wish to check out TI Reporter, a cloud based report writing software that allows you to quickly generate standards-compliant (ASTM, InterNachi, Infraspection) infrared inspection reports. Written by practicing thermographers and personnel from Infraspection Institute, TI Reporter is easy to use and works with ALL thermal imagers. Because it is cloud based, TI Reporter works with all computer operating systems and smart devices.

For a limited time, you can try TI Reporter for free. Simply visit to set up an account and you may use the software for 14 days without charge.

Upon expiration of the trial period, you may subscribe to the software on a monthly or annual basis. Any reports that you generate during the trial period will remain available to you upon subscription.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for the information.