What this line for

I’ve seen this on a lot of natural gas meters and am just wandering whats it there for and why its not hooked up to anything.

Tracer wire.

That’s right. Have to keep track of the gas line…:smiley:

Tracing what?

Runs along the gas line “tracing” it so gas line location can be easily itentified without digging/

Tracing the Polypropylene (Plastic) gas line Ryan. :smiley:

We just had our house connected to Natural Gas, and the 1" yellow plastic pipe indeed had the tracer wire wound around it, the whole length, from street to house…pipe was buried the distance…
It is in fact a tracer wire, that allows a metal detector or somesuch devices to follow the underground location of that pipe, since plastic is invisible to devices like that…

Thanks guys