Phase New Construction inspections

How many guys/gals out there do phase new construction inspections? How do you base your fees and does it include the final walk-through? I have been asked to perform one with an out of town buyer. Thanks for your input!

I do New Construction Phase Inspections. My fees are based on the number of visits or $125 per trip. I try to visit the site at least once a week, depending on how fast the project progresses. Yes it includes a final wak thru and a punch list for the builder. It also includes a one year follow up inspection, before the builders warranty expires. I include a detailed picture album of each inspection phase along with a report.

I typically would do at least a complete rough and final visit, with a full inspection and report for each. Sometimes a shorter foundation inspection and report also. Some inspectors do a packaged fee with discounts. Your mileage may vary … :wink: