What type of insulation is this??

What type of insulation is this? Thanks

Looks like shredded bark. Dumb idea but it served it purpose in the day. Seen it a few times.

Thats exactly the feel and look…and your right…Dumb Idea but worked in the old days I guess.

Almost a wooly horse hair texture.

Any others have input?

Hi Paul

I have found it in Phoenix a few years ago, I grabbed a chunk and brought it out of the attic to see if it would burn, it wouldn’t.

I thought I may have posted a picture and information I found about the insulation on this MB but can’t seem to find it here.

Regardless, it looked kinda like the Mulch you would place around shrubs.

Haven’t run across it since.

Here is some more info.


Silva Wool…Silva being Latin for Wood.

I was thinking of doing the same thing but the tenants (duplex) were there and chose not to. Thanks

Hi Paul, this insulation appears to be a loose fill shredded redwood insulation. Redwood was used because of it’s natural fire and insect resistant properties. From what I have been able to find it has about a R1 per inch.

Thanks for the help guys.